~ Relationships - Good or Bad, We Choose!

8th January 2020

Boredom, familiarity, lack of connectedness or passion, whatever term we might want to use, may affect any relationship personal or professional. What might we do about it?

If we think half-heartedly then the results are likely also to be half-hearted. Very little is achieved without passion, without that inner belief that we can effect change. Belief is a major contribution to success in anything. The saying “if we believe we can or believe we can’t” we are correct. It is a powerful message. (Repeat the message)

Do we have clarity of purpose?

The problem we often have is that we don’t set the right actions in place. In order to increase our chance of actually accomplishing change, we need to set “actual” behaviour change rather than “maybe” behaviour change, for example:

Our actions need to have specific outcomes otherwise it’s easy to make up excuses or shift when circumstances change.

We need a way to measure our progress, this way we can stay motivated

Our decisions need to be realistic and achievable, if not we lose focus and give up early in the process.

Time lines are imperative. New actions need to have a defined start and progress review date. When we set specific measurable actions our chances of accomplishing them become much higher.

The following values for harmonious relationships include, though are not limited to:

Respect; Courtesy; Kindness; Consideration; Empathy; Compassion
In our everyday busy lives we often lose sight of what really matters; of the importance of building healthy relationships. Future blogs will expand on each of the above behaviour/values.

Alexandra Roberts