LEAP© is a finite, close-ended process that works toward an agreed objective or result. Thus, when you engage Alexandra’s services, it will be for a specific issue and usually for a specific amount of sessions (5, 10, or 20 sessions – depending on the nature of the challenge).
LEAP specialising in change is Alexandra's proven process for successful change and is a simple and effective four step methodology as follows:

  • Learn about the change of behaviour and/or thoughts that are required to meet your objective;
  • Express your intention to change by describing actions that reflect the newly adopted thought processes;
  • Activate those intentions that reflect the newly adopted behaviours;
  • Practice the new behaviours on a regular basis until they become habitual and form a new way of being.

LEAP © Copyright Alexandra Roberts

Is there a difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually used for recent and short-term specific and/or situational issues and concerns.
Psychotherapy is more likely to be used for long-standing and deep-rooted matters that consciously or unconsciously may be affecting your thoughts and behaviour now.